Cheryl Robbins

Cheryl Robbins M.A. in Cultural Management
Founder and Owner, Tribe-Asia Company
topic: Strategies for Online Marketing of Cultural Products

Cheryl Robbins is originally from the US, but has been a longtime Taiwan resident. For nearly a decade, she has been a freelance writer and has contributed articles on Taiwan’s arts and culture to a variety of publications including Taiwan News, Fountain Magazine, Travel in Taiwan and the Council for Cultural Affairs Website. In 2008, she earned a Master's degree in Cultural Management and now lectures on the status of Taiwan's indigenous handicrafts industry, as well as the online marketing of cultural products.

She also owns and operates Tribe-Asia Company which is devoted to helping Taiwan's indigenous artisans to access international markets for their works. More information about Tribe-Asia can be found at

organization Tribe-Asia Company
Tribe-Asia Company