The Necklace Clasps

Chief Naticksqw Caring Hands


To all of my brothers and sisters attending the 2008 World Summit of Indigenous Cultures I bring greetings from my tribe of the Praying Indians of Natick and Ponkagpoag of North America. I am Naticksqw, Chief Caring Hands.

The morning of February 25, 2008 I was given the "Children of the Sun" writing. I did not know I would be meeting Ina Alice, "Daughter of the Sun" of the Bunun Tribe later on that same day. The following day I spoke to her as the first clasp in a necklace of many gatherings that would follow. This was wisdom given to me as we spoke.

This wisdom was confirmed on the morning of April 6, 2008, the day of the eclipse, while I was in Guatemala, Central America. The Father gave the writing I've entitled "The Necklace."

I read this message of "The necklace" for all people and races of the world. I read the message of "Children of the Sun" in honor of Alice Tekawantan, her people, and all children of the sun... the Yellow Race.

Title: The Necklace Clasps 4-6-08
The Great Creator of All says:

Tell my people that the Great Creator of All who is the Father of all mankind, everything that creeps upon the earth, swims in the seas and flies through the air is also the Master Gardner of every green thing. And all the lights in the heaven that cover the sky, all of creation, everything, (that) was made for the pleasure of man. And man was made for the pleasure of God the Father, the Great Creator of all.

To the people of every land was it given to know this truth: Man was first to take care of the earth for God. But man has forgotten. And now only a few of the earth's many remember this secret that is the universal truth: that all things of creation on the earth belong to the Father and therefore are related to each other as children of His. The Great Father as all fathers wishes harmony amongst his children.

But the children have been disobedient and disrespectful to their Mother, the Earth. When she cries aloud in places, when her tears pour in places, when the wind of the sigh of her breath disturbs their peace, they should not wonder why this is. And so the good Father of All calls to the attention of the children to honor their Mother once again for her heart is about to break.

The Father calls to the elder brothers of each race of mankind. The elder brothers are the first people who are the indigenous of each race. He calls to these children of every race, those who are the first people of every place, to gather and see how they may please their Mother and restore her heart. Your Father is calling to His elder children of the Brown race, the Yellow race, the Black race and the White to Know what I first placed in man still remains in him.

They must pray to their Heavenly Father and ask how they might heal their Mother Earth's wounds. Then they must listen which is to meditate on the truths that are given. And they must breathe deeply in love for their fellowman, their brothers of mankind.

Their breath of love will fill the atmosphere and begin to renew. They must be kind to all that surrounds their places of habitation which is their environment. They must know that it matters not if the disobedient sibling does not listen. What matters is that they do listen themselves. By their example must the others learn. And they will because the shaking of the earth is strong. But stronger is My displeasure at he abuse of the Mother.

(And) Soon all will listen and know that the Mother Earth has begun to die. So listen to your Great Father. He is whispering the secrets of the medicine for healing the Mother Earth. And He is whispering it to the ears of all the indigenous people everywhere. And He is pleased that He only has to whisper to be heard as not to awaken the slumber of Mother Earth.

Your whispers will become a shout in the ears of the children who have not cared for her. They are ready to listen as the signs are all about them. Show them the way. You will remember it for I have placed it in each of my children of each of the lands.

Gather with you wisdom and share with her. She will tell you how to heal the Mother Earth. Wisdom is the midwife who will ease the labor pains of the mother if the children gather to assist at the birth.

There is a beaded necklace which surrounds the earth. The beads are of every color of man. And the necklace has been broken and the beads of every color do spill everywhere. The indigenous people of every land are the clasps, the fasteners that hold the necklace together. The necklace must be restrung with the memory that all men are brothers or else the Father would not be the father. Restring the necklace that is worn by the Mother earth.

The clasps are the answer. They hold the necklace in place. The indigenous are the clasps. They are to please God the creator and to restring the necklace that is worn on the breast of the mother. Do this thing and know that even the broken bead may be repaired by the sealant of love. Know that it was love of the Creator for the earth and all man which first created the colored beads of man. Therefore it is love that will restore.

If my children cease harming the environment and themselves and call unto the Great Father of All, the land will be healed. It is the promise of the Father placed in the breast of the Mother.

Title: Children of the Sun 4-6-08
The Great Creator of All says:

So pleased am I. Yes, you have heard the understanding. You are in the land of sound in word that contributes to the melody, tones as you say.

And as the tones rise and fall and rise to fall again so it is with my people. The word is lying flat until it moves. And so it is with my people.

And my people rise and fall and often fall to rise until they understand.

And this is the way of the words of my Children of the Sun who beareth witness to its strength and power upon their skin. The glow reaches heaven and I see. And their sound reaches heaven and I hear. And I hear with my great and Holy spirit of Sacred breath which blows as the wind in their sales and it drive them without compass to me.

And so you see, the word takes on many meanings by the sound, by the tone that is given.

And it is as with man before me that I do know them by the accent of their spirit... and when it comes to me and my ears. For the accent is strong with love... I am pleased.

And so, it is to ask, ask, of me anything when the melody delivered to me bears the accent of love, and the tone of harmony of the Great Creator of the Song of the Universe.

Listen my children to the song of man and join it to all my creations which still sing as they were first taught. It is the symphony that has no comparison.

It is the symphony of heaven and it is the symphony of God... That which I have come down to create will rise up to me once again.

I wait for it.