Nestor Horfilla

Nestor Horfilla Kalinawa Art Foundation
topic: Sustainable Management of Indigenous Peoples Natural and Cultural Resources
background NESTOR T. HORFILLA is an artist and cultural worker who, for more than twenty years, had engaged in cultural action work in grassroots communities especially with Indigenous Peoples in Mindanao, Southern Philippines. He was also instrumental in the organization of network and coalitions of artists and Indigenous Peoples Organizations in the region. During the last ten years, he worked in a community-based natural resource management project with the Subanen Indigenous Peoples in Lakewood, Zamboanga del Sur, directed towards the sustainable development of the Subanen ancestral domain and the conservation of cultural and natural resources of the indigenous Subanen. He has authored several monographs and publications on Indigenous peoples of Mindanao. Lately has been involved as artistic director of various Cultural Expositions and Festivals and a curator of several Indigenous Peoples Visual Arts Exhibitions.
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