Conference Themes

Indigenous environmental wisdom and protection of the earth's environment
Most people sense that the world's environment is threatened but feel at a loss as to how to solve the current crises. Traditional indigenous lifestyles emphasize a harmonious relationship with nature. As those traditions have been allowed to fall by the wayside, the environment has suffered. How can traditional indigenous wisdom be applied to heal and protect the earth's environment? How can indigenous knowledge of nature be used to bring about a sustainable world?
Indigenous belief systems today
Increasing contact with the outside world and organized religions has resulted in the disappearance of some traditional beliefs, practices and ceremonies. However, in recent times, a "revival" of some traditional beliefs and ceremonies has been taking place, but not necessarily at the complete exclusion of other religious practices. What is the state of indigenous belief systems today around the world and what is the effect of their revival on the efforts to preserve traditional indigenous culture?
Developing indigenous enterprise
Around the world, indigenous peoples are experimenting with enterprise. These include cultural enterprises such as music, performances and handicrafts. With them have come issues such as determining effective marketing strategies and developing certification systems. Tourism businesses are also increasing among indigenous groups, ranging from cultural tours to modern casinos. How can indigenous cultures engage the world economy while maintaining their cultural identity and preserving the environment?